Bus with green EmVenio logo and Illinois Medical District logo and eight people cutting green ribbon

IMD CEO and Executive Director Allyson Hansen with IMD commissioners and EmVenio leadership cutting the ribbon on May 23, 2023

EmVenio Research activated a mobile community research site in Chicago, Illinois, on the Illinois Medical District campus as part of a concerted effort to maximize diversity, equity and inclusion in research studies and deliver clinical trial access to diverse and underserved communities.

IMD is 1 of 10 locations in the U.S. where EmVenio is operating community research sites. Its sites challenge the traditional model of clinical research studies that result in findings that do not often reflect the demographic makeup of the whole population.

“In order to improve representation in clinical research, we need to address the various barriers that lead to a collection of research participants that does not accurately reflect our population as a whole,” said Thad Wolfram, EmVenio president. “Chicago’s population is 29% Black American and 29% Hispanic, two communities that are severely underrepresented in clinical research. By partnering with IMD to activate a community research mobile site, we can put locals at the center of research and deploy engagement strategies that are best aligned with the community.”

Recruitment and retention in past clinical research have proven to be major challenges for sponsors, often leading to delayed results for clinical trials. After extensive research and relationship building in the region, EmVenio determined a community research site in the IMD will reduce the burdens of trial participation by putting local residents at the center of research and giving them the choice of when and where their participation will occur.

“We’re excited to welcome EmVenio to the IMD,” said Allyson Hansen, CEO and Executive Director of the Illinois Medical District Commission. “The IMD is the largest urban medical district in the United States, with the most diverse patient population. Now with the addition of EmVenio, we continue to expand the range of clinical research being conducted by our partners in and around the IMD, a win-win for sponsors and patients alike. EmVenio’s commitment to hire locally also brings much needed job creation to the traditionally underserved communities that surround the IMD.”