The IMD Arts Council, in collaboration with S.H.E. Gallery, is excited to unveil a new series of pieces titled “Chicago-Style Graffiti: 4 Seasons” at 2023 W. Ogden in the Illinois Medical District.

This artwork, created by Chicago first-generation graffiti writers, celebrates the four seasons as experienced in Chicago. The artists featured are B-BOY B, DEBS, EMTE, FLEX, DULCE37, LIKE, MR. FESS, NEEN, STEF SKILLS, TRIXTER and WERM.

Chicago-style graffiti writing got its start in the late 1970s and early 1980s and has its own unique style of lettering that derives from the first-generation writers’ close study of calligraphy and how letters connect when forming words. In Chicago-style writing, each letter can stand on its own, yet also is part of a longer legible word. While each writer has their own style, Chicago-style writers share some elements in common, such as balance, symmetry, flow, use of contrast or outlining of letters and usage of serifs or directional arrows.

Thank you to Dulce Maria Diaz of S.H.E. Gallery for bringing all the artists together for these pieces and for being a contributing artist as well. For more information on each artist and the history of Chicago-style graffiti writing please visit the S.H.E. Gallery website.